How much does GellyBall cost to start?

GellyBall is extremely affordable. 

Complete dealer kits start under $6,000 and can generate 98% gross profit margins on parties & events.


Children Playing GellyBall with Bunkers at a Country Club Golf Course

Want to try a few blasters before getting a full kit? No problem! Grab a demo kit and get one of our blasters with ammo and all the accessories.

Show your friends, coworkers, staff and see what they think.
Compare them to any other product on the market.
We are confident that by the time you’ve shot 10,000 rounds you will see why Gellyball is the only choice for commercial use.
And we back that up with the industry’s only blaster warranty program.

Dealer kits now come with the new and improved G2 or X3 GellyBall Blaster!

Tons of upgrades – same amazing price, warranty options and service!

What else is included with a GellyBall Dealership?

Authorized GellyBall Dealers also receive:

    1. Onboarding & Training Resources
    2. Business Startup Resources
    3. Marketing & Media Resources
    4. Support from GellyBall & Other Dealers
    5. Protection from Over-Saturation (by population & dealership type)
    6. Access to the Online Dealer Store
    7. Wholesale Pricing on Retail Ready Products
    8. Access to Warranty & Ammo Program with its Own Benefits.

*Contact us for all details, requirements and expectations of an Authorized Gellyball Dealer.

12 Blaster Kit $5900

GellyBall Products

Larger Dealer Kits and Add-Ons

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