Double GellyBlaster Demo Kit


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Try out GellyBall with this all inclusive Double GellyBlaster Demo Kit and find out firsthand if a Gellyball revenue stream is for you. Assemble and put the blasters to the test. Shoot all 10k rounds! Let your family, friends, neighbours and coworkers try them out and get their feedback. Do your research and make a decision with data!

  • 2 GellyBlasters – (1 red, 1 Blue)
  • 1,400 Hydrated ready to shoot GellyBalls
  • 10,000 dehydrated GellyBalls
  • 2 Batteries with chargers
  • 2 sets of safety glasses
Weight 3 kg
Blaster Type

G2 (1911), X-3 (Blaster), 1 G2 & 1 X-3

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